On September 27, 2012, nearly two weeks after E. coli 0157:H7 alarm bells first sounded, the Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) suspended the operating license of XL Foods Inc. beef processing plant in Brooks, AB. 1800+ products of potentially contaminated beef was recalled/destroyed here and in the US, the largest recall of beef ever in Canada.

XL Foods Inc. is a privately held Alberta corporation with beef packing facilities located mainly in Alberta and Nebraska, US and is the largest Canadian owned and operated beef processor, although a sale to the huge multi-national Brazilian meatpacker JBS is pending. With over 2000 employees, XL Foods in Brooks is a major employer in Southern Alberta.

The suspension of XL Foods Inc. plants and the massive recall of their beef products have created much controversy….who is responsible, what role did Governments play, should the plant have been shut down earlier, was dumping millions of pounds of beef necessary and are beef producers again on the receiving end of US/Canadian border politics?

The speaker will address these questions and the effects on producers caused by the plant suspension. As well, he will discuss past and future animal health and food safety concerns

Speaker: Ted Haney

Ted Haney was raised on a mixed farm including a beef cattle feedlot, a cow/calf ranch, and grain and forage crops. His family operated this integrated farm in the Picture Butte area of Southern Alberta for over 85 years. Haney received his Bachelor of Science in Agriculture in 1982 and his Master of Science in Agriculture Economics in 1991, both from the University of Alberta.

Ted managed the Canada Beef Export Federation (CBEF) for 20 years (1992-2011). This organization was established by the Canadian cattle and beef industry to expand export markets for its product in the global marketplace. As President, Ted was responsible for planning and implementing a multi-million-dollar international market development program delivered through six international offices located in Asia and Mexico.

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