Oil Sands Fever: The Environmental Implications of Alberta's Oil Sands Rush

SACPA, in partnership with The University of Lethbridge Public Interest Research Group and Student Union is pleased to announce a special SACPA- on-Campus session on this very important issue.
Managing the environmental impacts arising from the pace and scale of development in the oil sands is a considerable challenge that must be urgently addressed, particularly in light of new goals to increase oil sands production five-fold. As Alberta’s boreal forest is torn up for oil sands development, the environmental impacts to air, land and water in Alberta are increasing rapidly. Not surprisingly, Alberta is now Canada’s pollution capital for industrial air pollutants, and the oil sands are the single largest contributor to greenhouse gas emissions growth in Canada.”

Please join Simon Dyer, at a special presentation addressing the environmental impacts oil sands development in northern Alberta. The discussion will include Pembina'’s recommendations for a moratorium on new oil sands developments until strategies are in place to prevent irreversible damage to Alberta’s environment and Albertans obtain a fair share from the development of their resource.

Speaker: Simon Dyer, Senior Policy Analyst with the Pembina Institute

SIMON DYER is a Senior Policy Analyst with the Pembina Institute. Simon is a member of Pembina’s Energy Watch team, where his research focuses on the environmental implications of oil sands development. Simon is a registered professional biologist and has worked on land use issues in Alberta’s boreal forest since 1999. Simon holds a Master of Science in Environmental Biology and Ecology from the University of Alberta, and a Master of Arts in Natural Sciences from the University of Cambridge, UK and is author of Death by a Thousand Cuts: Impacts of in situ oil sands development on Alberta’s Boreal Forest. Moderator: Cody Sharpe email psa@uleth.ca

Location: Andy’s Place, Anderson Hall, University of Lethbridge There will be free designated parking just outside Andy’s Place for this event. Time: 12:15 to 1:30 p.m. / Cost: $8.00 includes lunch/ Students $4.00

Visit the SACPA website: http://www.sacpa.ca Session moderated by Cody Sharpe. Cody Sharpe is the President of the University of Lethbridge Political Science Association

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