The speaker will account for his experiences during and after a two-decade financial career, and what he learned during the research and writing of his second book “Farming Humans”. In hindsight the book could have been titled, “Humans, Farming Humans”, as it includes tricks and tactics used by those who profit from harming others. It can be argued that some of the unique features of white-collar crime are worth looking at, as they shed light into some key problems, we face in today’s world.

Problems not being adequately addressed such as inequality in systems of finance, justice, politics, and resulting side effects, which cannot only be seen globally, but also right here – a vast increase in drug dependency, homelessness and people dying on our streets. The speaker will shine light into causes and effects, which largely, have been left out of the public discourse.

Speaker: Larry Elford

Larry Elford is a former financial industry insider with two decades of experience in some of the larger firms in the industry. What he learned allowed him to become an expert witness in the area of systemic malpractice in the retail investment advisory trade. He has since testified in three parliamentary committees in Ottawa, and once in the legislature in Queens Park, Toronto.

One of Larry’s priorities has long been to inform and educate people about hidden, systemic risks in the retail investment industry. Larry produced a documentary film in 2009 titled, “Breach of Trust, The Unique Violence of White-Collar Crime”, which leads one to ask the question, “What is so unique about white collar crime?” It is this question which has occupied Larry’s thoughts ever since, and this presentation will cover that question as well.

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