The Science is in! What you always knew instinctively to be true, laughter and play have been proven to be beneficial to your health. Laughter and play activate your immune system and increases your energy for getting well and maintaining health!

When we talk about stress, usually we focus on our tight muscles, aching heads and sleeplessness. Yet, the speaker advocates that what we really should be concerned about, is our breathing. The act of laughter is the science of breathing. In times of stress, we take shallower breaths; therefore, we take in less oxygen. The longer we feel anxious, the longer our body is going to be operating without its optimal supply of air. Over time, this weakens the immune system, opening the door to all sorts of problems. Ailments such as heart disease, high blood pressure, peptic ulcers and insomnia all have some connection to stress.

The speaker asks “when was the last time you really laughed out loud? How about at least a good chuckle? Do you play every day?” If you can’t remember, it’s been too long. And your body is no doubt paying the price. So, don’t be a Fool . . . Join us on April 1st and learn the benefits of laughter and play every day!

Speaker: Cheryl Ann Oberg

Cheryl is a leading authority on the relationship between healthy humour & laughter and is known for her energetic, entertaining & content-rich programs. Cheryl has been honoured as a “Woman of Vision”, “Star of the Millennium” and “Canadian Wave Maker”. Since becoming a Certified Laughter Leader in 2001, Cheryl has shared her gift of humour & laughter with many, as a keynote speaker, with families & children in hospitals, seniors living in care facilities, corporate teams in the workplace, youth in career forums & schools. Thousands of people have enjoyed the benefits of learning how to have more joy, laughter & play in their everyday life! As Cheryl says, “Let there be laughter and let it begin with you!”

Session Video

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