An Educator’s Perspective on Alberta’s Proposed Draft Curriculum

Educators know all curricula need timely revision and many are concerned about the most recent draft K-6 curriculum proposed by the government of Alberta.

The Deadly Effects of Residential Schools in Canada: How is that Remediable?

At least 150,000 Indigenous youths were forced into Indian Residential Schools (IRS) between the 1870s and 1990s. They were run by Canadian/Provincial governments and religious authorities.

“Immigration Matters” Why Canada supports immigration?

In October 2020, the Federal Government announced its 2021-2022 Immigration Level Plan. The government is hoping to bring a targeted 1.

Is Harm Reduction and Empathy the Main Pillars when Battling Drug Dependency?

While painkilling medicine has been around for a very long time, Fentanyl is a powerful addictive opioid painkiller, the use of which has caused an increasing public health threat in Canada and elsewhere.

Alberta allows for Public Participation in Resource Development, but what are the Parameters and who are deemed Stakeholders?

Public participation is widely considered to be an essential component of any legitimate exercise of state power over resource development and environmental decision-making.

“Alberta’s War Room” and the “Steve Allan Inquiry”: Worth the Money or Millions Wasted?

After Jason Kenney became Premier of Alberta on April 30, 2019, he followed through on his campaign promise and set in motion the “energy war room” or the Canadian Energy Centre CEC) as it was named when launched in Dec 2019.

Are severe Funding Cuts to U of L and Lethbridge College likely to have both Short and Long-Term Consequences for the Lethbridge Economy?

Over the past two years, tenths of millions of public education dollars have been cut from Lethbridge’s two post-secondary institutions budgets, resulting initially in hundreds of directly lost jobs and as well, hefty increases in tuition for students.

What does an Independent Case Study of the Alberta Energy Regulator’s Coal Mining Regulations tell us?

The Grassy Mountain Open-Pit Coal Mine proposed by Benga Mining Ltd., (Riversdale) in the Crowsnest Pass has raised questions and concerns about the regulatory process in Alberta, such as the transparency, independent decision-making, and enforcement capacity of the Alberta Energy Regulator (AER).

With the UCP Government running behind NDP in the Polls halfway through its Mandate, what can they do to re-earn the trust of Albertans?

Following their convincing election victory April 16, 2019, Alberta’s UCP Government led by Jason Kenney, has seen a steady decline in their support from Alberta voters, particularly in Calgary and some urban centers, where the opposition NDP and other parties have made gains according to the latest polls.

How can Past and Present Injustices against Indigenous Peoples be Reconciled?

In the post 2015 Truth and Reconciliation Commission (TRC) era of reconciliation, many Canadians are wondering what reconciliation might mean to their community.

The Need for More Voices in the Public Sphere for Albertans

Join Acting Leader Jacquie Fenske of the Alberta Party for a conversation about the need for a choice in Alberta politics.

Post Pandemic Recovery: What are the Main Issues Facing Alberta?

Alberta is arguably in the midst of a generational economic shift as we face the impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic. Looking ahead to the post-pandemic recovery, what should Albertans expect from their Government with regards to the serious economic challenges we face as a province.

Public Consultation and Alberta Politics: What’s Going On?

The fate of liberal democratic governments hinges importantly on building and sustaining political support for their agenda. Public consultation is one tool governments may use to secure this support.

The Wildrose Independence Party: What is their Vision for Alberta?

With Alberta running an $18 billion deficit in its 2021-22 budget and more than $100 billion in accumulated debt, it appears obvious that fiscal changes are needed – spending cuts or revenue increases or both?

Current Challenges for Alberta’s and Canada’s Farmers

Agriculture is an important sector of Canada’s economy supplying the much larger food production and processing industries. The Alberta Federation of Agriculture is Alberta’s largest producer funded general farm organization.

Coal Dust, Wind and Human Health: What are the Risks of Open-Pit Coal Mining in Southwest Alberta?

Everyone living in Southern Alberta are familiar with our winds. Those residing in “Chinook Country” have heard Environment Canada’s frequent wind warnings, particularly between November to April.

Laug until it helps. If you can laugh at it, you can survive it!

The Science is in! What you always knew instinctively to be true, laughter and play have been proven to be beneficial to your health.