Women in Science: Why are there Relatively Few?

Although much of the world’s scientific research have been done by women, science is arguably still dominated by men, even though a sizable number of women enter the science and engineering fields.

International Womenâ??s Day: Assessing Womenâ??s Status in Canada â?? Past, Present and Future â?? Is Gender Equality Being Achieved?

This talk will consider women’s status in Canada, beginning with a brief history of the Women’s Rights Movement in Canada. There will be a focus on the Western Canadian provinces and their early embracing of women’s advancement.

Is the Road Ahead Bumpy for Canadian Universities?

As a result of changing demographics, enrolment rates are expected to drop off in Canada soon and un¬less universities find a way to fill the gap, the future may see a lot more empty seats in class.

The Sexualization of Female Athletes

12-1:30pm In the 21st century girls and women are as likely as boys and men to be participants in sports. It would be easy to challenge this statement from a media perspective as very few women athletes are seen on television, in sports magazines, on sport-related internet sites or on the sports pages of newspapers.

The 1989 Montreal Massacre and its Widespread Social Significance

On Dec 6, 1989 a 25 year old man, Marc Lepine, walked into the Ecole Polytechnique in Montreal and shot to death 14 women, wounding 13 others.