Use of Force by Law Enforcement: How Much is Appropriate?

Recent shooting incidents by the Toronto police have highlighted concerns about how our Canadian police use force. Was it for example good judgment when a cop fired multiple shots into a streetcar killing a sole occupant last July and was it an isolated incident or a sign of a disturbing pattern when RCMP officers tasered an unarmed Robert Dziekanski, who later died, in the Vancouver Airport a few year earlier?

The Challenges of Political Reconciliation

Most nations throughout the world have practiced discrimination against racial, religious, ethnic and ideological groups. Justification for these forms of exclusion has increasingly been discredited by the human rights revolution in the post colonization era and equal rights and non-discriminatory policies are now in focus.

Dying with Dignity: Will Canadians be able to choose?

SACPA, in partnership with the Lethbridge Public Library presents a special session on Sept 11 at 7pm at the Library Theatre Gallery.

International Womenâ??s Day: Assessing Womenâ??s Status in Canada â?? Past, Present and Future â?? Is Gender Equality Being Achieved?

This talk will consider women’s status in Canada, beginning with a brief history of the Women’s Rights Movement in Canada. There will be a focus on the Western Canadian provinces and their early embracing of women’s advancement.