Farming Smarter can be a Catch-Phrase, but does Sustainable Food Production depend on it?

Farming Smarter is a policy governed, non-profit organization with by-laws under the Alberta Societies Act. It is also a Canadian Charity registered under the Canada Revenue Agency.

Is Publicly Funded Research Important – and at Risk?

A top priority of Canada’s Liberal government has been – after a long period of stagnation – to reassess Canada’s federal funding of university-based research.

Farmers Markets and Local Food Production: Is It a Growing Trend ?

An increasing number of Canadian households are embracing “locally-produced” food. A response to a complex of factors, it appears that local food may be on the verge of moving from a niche market to a market segment.

Is Science to be Trusted?

Science and its technology spin-offs are only four hundred years old. The process of science has evolved into the best method to satisfy our curiosity and understand our world.