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How are Albertans likely to be Affected by the recent UCP Leadership Review?

The United Conservative Party (UCP) members voted by mail-in ballots from April 9 to May 11 whether or not they have confidence in their leader and on May 18, 2022, the result was scheduled to be announced.

“Alberta’s War Room” and the “Steve Allan Inquiry”: Worth the Money or Millions Wasted?

After Jason Kenney became Premier of Alberta on April 30, 2019, he followed through on his campaign promise and set in motion the “energy war room” or the Canadian Energy Centre CEC) as it was named when launched in Dec 2019.

With the UCP Government running behind NDP in the Polls halfway through its Mandate, what can they do to re-earn the trust of Albertans?

Following their convincing election victory April 16, 2019, Alberta’s UCP Government led by Jason Kenney, has seen a steady decline in their support from Alberta voters, particularly in Calgary and some urban centers, where the opposition NDP and other parties have made gains according to the latest polls.

Are there Issues with Kids going back to School as usual during COVID-19

Recognized as the provincial organization representing parents on school councils in Alberta, Alberta School Councils’ Association (ASCA) has worked alongside other education partners and stakeholders to advise the Ministry of Education on matters related to the K-12 Re-entry plan.

Health Care in Crisis: COVID19 & Beyond

The past few months have certainly been a difficult time for all of us, but as we look around the world and to each other, we can see that this pandemic has shone a light on the importance of Canada’s universal public health care system.

Is Lethbridge likely to experience response time delays if Emergency Dispatch is centralized in Calgary?

Recently, Alberta Health Services announced ambulance dispatch services will be consolidated across the province, pulling Calgary, Lethbridge, Red Deer and Wood Buffalo into existing EMS dispatch centres.

How did Alberta Arrive at its Present Political and Financial State?

Since 1971, Alberta has been ruled by a majority Progressive Conservative Government, the longest unbroken run in government at the provincial level in Canada.