Policing in Challenging Times

These are challenging times for the world, and law enforcement agencies are not exempt from the taxing circumstances or the growing expectations of the community, whether that’s from a global or local perspective.

Police Carding: Are Random Street Checks Legal – Warranted?

Carding is the police practice of arbitrarily stopping people in public for identification and questioning. The practice has come under fire as discriminatory and a violation of civil rights.

Use of Force by Law Enforcement: How Much is Appropriate?

Recent shooting incidents by the Toronto police have highlighted concerns about how our Canadian police use force. Was it for example good judgment when a cop fired multiple shots into a streetcar killing a sole occupant last July and was it an isolated incident or a sign of a disturbing pattern when RCMP officers tasered an unarmed Robert Dziekanski, who later died, in the Vancouver Airport a few year earlier?

The Long Gun Registry: Useful or Useless in Limiting Gun Related Crime?

The billion dollar Long Gun Registry may be safe for now after a contentious vote in the House of Commons, but debate over its usefulness rages on.