Middle East Societies in Crisis

The crisis of the global political-economy continues to sharpen. Trade wars—the precursors of military wars—involving the United States, the European Union, China, India, Mexico and Canada are intensifying.

Is the Palestinian-Israeli struggle past the point of a peaceful and just solution?

What will it take to resolve the Palestinian-Israeli conflict? Why did the peace negotiations fail? Is the Palestine-Israel conflict beyond a negotiated solution?

Israel@70: past, present and future

Seventy years after Israel’s establishment as an independent state, its accomplishments in high tech, medical research and innovation has far exceeded expectations of a country its size.

Rising Challenges from the Middle East

With Iran on the verge of deploying nuclear weapons, the Al-Qaeda global militant Islamist organization becoming more active throughout the region, the ongoing armed conflict in Syria between forces loyal to the Syrian Ba’ath Party government and those seeking to oust it and the ever changing political and security situation in Egypt, the world stands at a critical moment in Middle East affairs.