“Immigration Matters” Why Canada supports immigration?

In October 2020, the Federal Government announced its 2021-2022 Immigration Level Plan. The government is hoping to bring a targeted 1.

Is Demographics and Diversity changing Lethbridge? Are we growing Bigger and Better or just Bigger?

It can be argued that one of Lethbridge’s greatest assets is its diverse and dynamic population, which continues to grow at a steady pace and now sits at over 100.

Canada: Long a Refugee Haven – a Model for Other Countries?

Canada has a long and sometimes forgotten history of accepting refugees dating back to its founding. This history connects with present-day refugee approaches and challenges that are in contrast with the emerging policies and attitudes south of our border and in many other countries.

Undoing Border Imperialism: What are the Systemic Barriers?

The speaker will be discussing the current global refugee crisis and its implications for Canada. What are the root causes of the refugee crisis and how are governments responding?

What are the Pressing Challenges of Resettling Refugees in Lethbridge?

The recent influx of refugees, mainly from Syria, has kept Lethbridge Family Services (LFS) and their Immigrant Services department plenty busy since before New Year.