Lethbridge Taxpayers will be on the Hook if Calgary Gets to Host the 2026 Winter Olympics – Are there "Trickle Down" Benefits?

While most will agree the 1988 Calgary Winter Olympic Games was an overall success and good for the City, Alberta and Canada, the bidding cost alone for the 2026 Games will be at least $30 million and the expenses for hosting the Games if Calgary is chosen, could top $8 billion, including interest, considering all three levels of Government are running deficits – hosting the 1988 Games cost less than $1 billion and turned a profit.

Regulators? Advisers? Exempt Advisors? Who is Protecting your Investments from Systemic Fraud?

Financial mismanagement by financial institutions and brokers is affecting individuals, municipalities, universities, retirement plans and pension funds in Canada. Seniors have been hardest hit since low interest rates have reduced their retirement investment income, forcing them into potentially risky investments.

Financial Malpractice: Is Canada Soft on White Collar Crime?

The speaker will offer a glimpse behind the curtains, into the world of your investments as well as public money entrusted to governments, pension funds and institutions.