Climate, Energy, Sustainability. Where are we? Where do we go?

Most of the global population recognizes we are in an accelerating transition to sustainable societies and environments. But what will that look like?

The Climate Emergency and the Future of Fossil Fuels

Having recently returned from COP26 Tzeporah will reflect on whether the climate negotiations were a breakthrough or a disappointment and discuss how the emergence of the Beyond Oil and Gas Alliance of countries and the proposed Fossil Fuel Non-proliferation Treaty Initiative relate to the future of oil and gas in Alberta and Canada.

Can Solar Energy Breathe new life into Abandoned Oil Well Sites?

Alberta has 170,000 plus inactive and abandoned oil wells and over 3000 orphan wells that have been abandoned by failed companies.

Alberta allows for Public Participation in Resource Development, but what are the Parameters and who are deemed Stakeholders?

Public participation is widely considered to be an essential component of any legitimate exercise of state power over resource development and environmental decision-making.

“Alberta’s War Room” and the “Steve Allan Inquiry”: Worth the Money or Millions Wasted?

After Jason Kenney became Premier of Alberta on April 30, 2019, he followed through on his campaign promise and set in motion the “energy war room” or the Canadian Energy Centre CEC) as it was named when launched in Dec 2019.

Setting a Broad Table of Energy and the Environment: How there has to be a merger of the two in order to be successful

With the November 3, 2020 US election resulting in Joe Biden being elected President and the Democrats gaining control of both houses of Congress, what are the likely implications for Alberta’s Energy Sector?

More Coal, Fewer Parks: The Future of Alberta's Rocky Mountains?

When you think of Alberta’s Rocky Mountains, including the Oldman Watershed in Southern Alberta, you probably think of scenic mountaintops, rolling foothills and clear blue streams.

Energy, Utilities, and how Consumers are being over charged?

The deregulation of Alberta’s electricity system is now 19-years old, and in the last five years three successive Alberta governments have passed on an opportunity to mitigate the shortcomings of an Alberta “energy only market.

At what Cost will Renewables and Natural Gas keep the Lights on in Alberta after Phasing out Coal?

There are two stories from Alberta that illustrate the unintended consequences of utilities trying to beat the returns available from full regulation.

Getting Off the Electric Grid: Is the Sun All We Need?

Getting Off the Electric Grid: Is the Sun All We Need? Solar Power Systems have been getting a lot more attention in the last few years.

After the Sands. Energy and Ecological security for Canadians

Hailed as “a myth-destroying blockbuster book” by Ralph Nader, Gordon Laxer’s latest book, “After the Sands” outlines a vision and road map to transition Canada to a low- carbon society: a plan lacking within all of Canada’s major political parties.

Alberta Energy Issues: Possibilities and Dangers?

The Alberta Provincial government under Rachael Notley is committed to tackling several issues related to energy. Corporate taxes have already been raised.

Fusion Energy - Status and Prospects

Learning to harness fusion in a controlled way – recreating the sun on earth, as a clean source of energy – is the holy grail of international energy programs.

Fusion Energy - Status and Prospects

Learning to harness fusion in a controlled way – recreating the sun on earth, as a clean source of energy – is the holy grail of international energy programs.

Who Will Benefit From the Sale of AltaLink?

The federal government recently approved the pending sale of an Alberta utility provider to an American company. Berkshire Hathaway Energy’s application to buy AltaLink in a deal worth $3.

Are Most People Energy Illiterate?

The greatest challenge to modern society comes from the twin problems of getting the energy needed to support life and the consequences of getting that energy.

Climate and Energy: Does Canada need an Energy Strategy?

Energy drives life. Energy use has been a great advantage to our species. However, we are moving toward a compelling predicament as our societies thrive and our population grows.

Where Did the Nuclear Industry Go Wrong?

When it comes to energy, there seems to be a very large gap between scientific, economic and environmental facts, on the one hand and what the general public believes, on the other.

Has Medicine Hat's Energy Sustainability Policy Left Lethbridge Behind?

Medicine Hat’s Energy Sustainability Department is focused on providing its citizens with energy conservation and renewable energy education, incentives and leadership through a variety of “Hat Smart” initiatives.

Energy, Environment and the Economy - Discovering Alberta''s Future

Shrinking reserves of oil and gas, shifts in the geopolitical landscape, and mounting environmental concerns all test our ability to meet the growing demand for energy.

Does Bill 46 Violate Democratic Principles?

Does Bill 46 violate democratic principles? Bill 46, if passed into law, will establish a new Alberta Utilities Commission to oversee distribution and sale of electricity and natural gas, powers which formerly were held by the Energy Utilities Board.

Biogas Technology: Opportunities and Challenges in Southern Alberta

Biogas, like solar and wind, has the potential to provide a significant sustainable energy source for southern Albertans. Livestock manure and organic resources from agriculture and food processing, plentiful in the Lethbridge region, can be used to produce biogas which is then used to generate electricity.