Petitions, Protests, and the Threat of the Shredder: Curriculum Debates in Alberta

Our official K-12 school curriculum embodies the state’s answer to the question: What must children learn so they can function appropriately as adults in our society?

An Educator’s Perspective on Alberta’s Proposed Draft Curriculum

Educators know all curricula need timely revision and many are concerned about the most recent draft K-6 curriculum proposed by the government of Alberta.

The Politics of Education in Alberta: Is our current Government's approach to Education encouraging privatization of Schools?

Alberta already has the most choice in K-12 education in Canada, with private school pupils being funded to the tune of 70 percent per pupil compared to public school pupils, more than any other province.

Are there Issues with Kids going back to School as usual during COVID-19

Recognized as the provincial organization representing parents on school councils in Alberta, Alberta School Councils’ Association (ASCA) has worked alongside other education partners and stakeholders to advise the Ministry of Education on matters related to the K-12 Re-entry plan.

Cuts to Funding for Post-Secondary Education: What is U of L's New Reality?

Post-secondary institutions in Alberta have experienced substantial reductions to their Campus Alberta Grants from the Government of Alberta. In the case of the University of Lethbridge, these reductions represent slightly more than 20% of the university’s government operating grant.

Why is Liberal Education Important in the 21st Century?

Liberal Education is rooted in an approach to learning that empowers individuals and prepares them to deal with complexity, diversity, and change.

Lethbridge College at 60: Past, Present and Future Challenges and Opportunities

A number of factors contributed to the creation of Canada’s first public community college here in Lethbridge. A growing population, the prosperity of post-war southern Alberta with the size and wealth of the City, and the lack of post-secondary educational opportunities in the southern part of the province all factored into the formation of Lethbridge Junior College as it opened in 1957 with 38 students enrolled for classes in space leased at Lethbridge Collegiate Institute high school.

Public Schools? Private Schools? Charter Schools? Navigating the Complexities of Alberta's Education System

Alberta has a complex educational system that includes public schools, charter schools, and private schools. Recent action in the Legislative Assembly of Alberta and by some school boards, as well as the current review of legislation, demonstrate a need for a provincial conversation.

Why are Gay-Straight Alliances in Alberta Schools Political "Hot Potatoes"?

A motion to mandate that Alberta schools support the creation of student-led gay-straight alliances (GSAs) in schools where students have requested it, was defeated in the Alberta Legislature early last year.

Developing a First Nations Education Act in Canada: A good idea or misguided legislation?

(Special Session in partnership with the Lethbridge Public Library) Wednesday, March 26, 2014 Time: 7:00 – 9:00 p.m. Venue: Lethbridge Public Library Theatre Gallery, Main Branch, 810 – 5th Ave.

Christian Prayers in Alberta's Public Schools: What are the Issues?

Alberta has one of the most diverse school systems in the world. Its public schools offer a range of specialized alternative programs, from sports academies, to language immersion programs, to faith-based schools.

Cuts to Post-Secondary Education in Alberta

Alberta’s March 7 provincial budget featured a seven percent cut to basic operational grants for post-secondary institutions, compounded by revocation of an earlier promise of a 2% increase.

Is the Federal Governments Proposed First Nations Education Act Underfunded and Too Paternalistic?

Many First Nations people are reacting with anger and disappointment to the Federal Government’s proposed education legislation for First Nations that recently was released by the Minister for Aboriginal Affairs and Northern Development, Bernard Valcourt.

Why Public Education Funding Should Not Be Tied to the Price of Oil

When the Lethbridge School District Board of Trustees approved the 2011/12 updated budget, it reflected the final student enrolment as of September 30, 2011 and the additional funding provided for by Alberta Education this past October when Premier Alison Redford restored $107 million to school boards province wide, approximately 60% of the amount that was reduced in the government’s spring budget.

Does Post-Secondary (Science) Education set up Barriers to Success for Aboriginal Students?

To date, there has been very little work done or literature available on the stories, the narratives of experience, of those Aboriginal individuals who have journeyed through post-secondary, Eurocentric paradigm-based Western education successfully.

Public vs. Private Education Part 1 - Public School Education:First Class, First Choice

Although the earliest schools in Canada were religious, public education has been dominant for much of our history. But, as in other sectors, the private sector has been encroaching in the public domain.