Domestic Violence

Domestic Violence: Why has the Silence Continued?

The speaker will discuss the importance of having this conversation now, while sharing some of her own experience. She will identify some of the statistics (reported cases, non-reported cases, hospitalizations, deaths, affected children) and what research shows would be a huge step to stop domestic violence before it starts – looking at Mental Health and resilience, stable and positive parenting.

Domestic Abuse – A shift in perspective

According to Stats Canada - Family Violence in Canada - a statistical profile in 2019, there were 107,810 victims of police-reported intimate partner violence in 2019, up from 99,000 in 2018.

COVID 19: Is Domestic Violence Likely to Worsen during Social Isolation?

During the current COVID 19 pandemic, Lethbridge YWCA and Harbour House Women’s Emergency Shelter are anticipating the instances of severe domestic violence to increase and staff are incredibly fearful for the safety of women in the community who are in abusive relationships.

Out of the Home and Into History: Intersectional and Systemic Barriers to Leaving Abusive Relationships

Recognition and discussion around violence and abuse has recently been prominent in social media campaigns, particularly with the #metoo campaign. Why are these age-old topics still today so easily being brushed under the rug?