Are Temporary Foreign Workers Needed If There's No Labour Shortage?

Research indicate there is no evidence of a national labour shortage at present or into the foreseeable future, and furthermore, there are large groups of underutilized populations who could join the workforce or be more fully employed.

Lessons from the Arrival City: The Future of Poverty, Population and Environment in the Urban Landing Pad

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World Population at 7 Billion: What are the Challenges and Opportunities?

World population at 7 billion has evoked concern, but also opens doors to new thinking about the environment, sustainability, consumption, distribution and taking stock of ourselves.

Is the Road Ahead Bumpy for Canadian Universities?

As a result of changing demographics, enrolment rates are expected to drop off in Canada soon and un¬less universities find a way to fill the gap, the future may see a lot more empty seats in class.

Is Scrapping the Mandatory Census Long Form Short Sighted?

The Federal Governments decision to replace the 2011 Canadian mandatory Census long form with a voluntary “National Household Survey” has been a hotly debated issue since Canada’s minister of industry Tony Clement announced the change earlier this summer.