Is a less partisan Canadian Senate likely to be more effective?

At a time when The House of Commons, The Senate and all institutions generally are facing criticism, it can be argued that the long awaited reform of the Canadian Senate couldn’t come at a better time.

Going Wild: Where are the Planet's Best Wilderness Locations?

A spirit-lifting journey into some of the planet’s best wilderness locations. His passion for remote travel will be revealed as only Brian can do, with his buoyant method of storytelling.

Polar Possibilities: Adventures in Paradise

This is a polar celebration of wildlife and adventure to two of our planets last great wilderness areas. Brian Keating’s previous job at the Calgary Zoo was to raise money and then to spend it on environmental projects around the world.

How are Canadian Military Veterans Surviving in a Civilian World?

Many recent events have brought the issues of Canadian military veterans to public attention. There is concern about suicide and they often suffer from post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).

Why does federal politics remain the domain of men?

Despite the growing gender balance in provincial premiers, elected politics remains the domain of men. According to the 2012 Global Gender Gap Report, Canadian women’s position in politics is 20% of men’s.

Is it Justifiable for Governments to Muzzle Publicly Funded Scientists?

Increasingly, the federal Government has been tightening its leash on its scientists and science in general. For instance, most publicly funded research must now have an industrial component.

Should the Recent Scandals in the Canadian Senate be a Catalyst for Reform of the Upper Chamber?

The Parliament of Canada has two houses, the elected lower house (the House of Commons) and the appointed upper house (the Senate).

Climate and Energy: Does Canada need an Energy Strategy?

Energy drives life. Energy use has been a great advantage to our species. However, we are moving toward a compelling predicament as our societies thrive and our population grows.

First Nations Election Act: Will Democracy be Better Served?

At a January 24, 2012 meeting between the Federal Government and First Nation Chiefs, the Harper government told the Chiefs the Indian Act would not be abolished.

What Are the Political Aftershocks Following the 2011 Federal Election Earthquake?

The 2011 election saw many interesting developments. The Conservatives winning a majority was the immediate story, but the long-term story was one of party realignment.