Alberta Politics

Are Albertans ready to move on from Governance by the NDP and UCP?

A NDP majority was elected in 2015, and then in 2019 enough people voted for the UCP to give them a majority.

The Fiscal Outlook for 2023, and a Recap of Years Past

Mr. Schow will give some insight into the provincial budget for 2023, and recap important provincial investments over the last 3 years.

Building Strong Communities and a Strong Economy for Alberta

With an Alberta election on the way this spring, Rachel Notley and Alberta’s NDP are promising to be a stable, caring, and competent government, focused on addressing the issues that matter to Lethbridge like lowering the cost of living and rebuilding public health care.

How are Albertans likely to be Affected by the recent UCP Leadership Review?

The United Conservative Party (UCP) members voted by mail-in ballots from April 9 to May 11 whether or not they have confidence in their leader and on May 18, 2022, the result was scheduled to be announced.

Alberta's 2021 Municipal Elections: Did Partisan Politics Influence the Results?

In addition to the municipal and Senate candidate elections, two referendum questions were added by the Alberta Government to the 2021 Municipal Elections: (1) Should section 36(2) of the Constitution Act, 1982 – Parliament and the government of Canada’s commitment to the principle of making equalization payments – be removed from the constitution?

Are severe Funding Cuts to U of L and Lethbridge College likely to have both Short and Long-Term Consequences for the Lethbridge Economy?

Over the past two years, tenths of millions of public education dollars have been cut from Lethbridge’s two post-secondary institutions budgets, resulting initially in hundreds of directly lost jobs and as well, hefty increases in tuition for students.

The Need for More Voices in the Public Sphere for Albertans

Join Acting Leader Jacquie Fenske of the Alberta Party for a conversation about the need for a choice in Alberta politics.

Post Pandemic Recovery: What are the Main Issues Facing Alberta?

Alberta is arguably in the midst of a generational economic shift as we face the impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic. Looking ahead to the post-pandemic recovery, what should Albertans expect from their Government with regards to the serious economic challenges we face as a province.

The Wildrose Independence Party: What is their Vision for Alberta?

With Alberta running an $18 billion deficit in its 2021-22 budget and more than $100 billion in accumulated debt, it appears obvious that fiscal changes are needed – spending cuts or revenue increases or both?

The People’s Party of Canada: What is their Vision for Canada – and Alberta?

Freedom, Responsibility, Fairness and Respect are the principles that guide and inform the policies of the People’s Party of Canada (PPC).

The Corporate interests and -ideologies shaping Alberta's universities: What do they mean for our future?

The speaker asserts that: “If ever there were a time for universities to assume a leadership role in providing the knowledge needed for socio-ecological change, this is surely that moment.

Is it Important to add Uncomfortable Truths about Canada's Colonial History into Alberta's K-4 Curriculum?

Canada’s Indigenous people have suffered many injustices as a result of colonization. The Residential School system was one of them. Most First Nations, Metis and Inuit people today are themselves residential school survivors or the children/grandchildren of those who survived (many did not).

Cuts to Funding for Post-Secondary Education: What is U of L's New Reality?

Post-secondary institutions in Alberta have experienced substantial reductions to their Campus Alberta Grants from the Government of Alberta. In the case of the University of Lethbridge, these reductions represent slightly more than 20% of the university’s government operating grant.

What Kind of Leadership is Alberta Showing by Laying off Workers during the COVID 19 Pandemic?

The Alberta government has arguably missed an opportunity to show leadership during the COVID 19 crisis by directing provincial school boards to lay off tens of thousands of education workers.

Alberta's Alternative Budget: What is the Official Opposition NDP Proposing?

The Official Opposition’s 2019 Alternative Budget lays out a path for Alberta to create jobs, diversify the economy, protect vital public services, and bring the provincial budget to balance.

What are the Opportunities and Challenges for Alberta in its 2019 Budget?

Budget 2019 reflects a commitment to responsible fiscal management and a promise to balance the budget in 4 years. It’s focused on creating jobs and delivering public services and infrastructure to support private sector investment and a vibrant society.

What did the April 16 Election Results tell us about the Sentiments of Albertans?

In the 2015 provincial election, the New Democratic Party, led by Rachel Notley, won an unprecedented victory in Alberta. Unseating the Progressive Conservatives – who had won every provincial election since 1971 – they formed an NDP government for the first time in the history of the province.

Making Sense of the Yellow Vest Protests

Inspired by, or at least imitating, the protests of France’s Gilets Jaunes, a Yellow Vest movement has similarly made headlines the past few months, especially in Alberta.

Alberta's Partisan Politics and Ideology: Would Independent MLA's with No Party Affiliation be a better Option?

Alberta’s Partisan Politics and Ideology: Would Independent MLA’s with No Party Affiliation be a better Option? Canada’s NorthWest Territories has a consensus government, in which all members are Independent and do not belong to a political party caucus.

The Choice before Albertans in 2019

In May 2015 the people of Alberta were faced with a choice at the ballot box and they surprised the pundits by choosing an NDP government, despite all the predictions that the Progressive Conservatives would add to their 44 year term in office.

Alberta's Tax Regime is the Lowest in Canada - Is a Revenue Reno Needed to Maintain Strong Public Service?

Alberta’s budget documents show that our tax system is grossly inferior to that of every other province in the country at raising revenue.

Alberta Politics, Budgets and Pipelines – the Alberta Party Perspective

The Alberta Party is a political movement dedicated to transforming government through citizen engagement. Instead of representing a particular segment of the traditional political spectrum, the Alberta Party seeks out the best ideas regardless of whether they are perceived to be from the left or the right.

What are Albertans Likely to Experience with an NDP Government and what are the Chances of Yet Another Political Dynasty?

Among many promises, one of the first items on Premier Rachel Notley’s agenda, besides a revised budget, may be campaign finance reform.

How did Alberta Arrive at its Present Political and Financial State?

Since 1971, Alberta has been ruled by a majority Progressive Conservative Government, the longest unbroken run in government at the provincial level in Canada.

What did Danielle Smith and the Wildrose Floor Crossers Forget?

In December 2014 Danielle Smith and eight members of her caucus announced that they were crossing the floor to join the Progressive Conservatives and Premier Jim Prentice.

Can Alberta's New Premier Re-Invent the PC Party?

The ability to change and survive under new leaders and different circumstances are the strength of any long-ruling political party. Alberta’s Progressive Conservative Party has successfully rebranded itself in previous years, often using “new leadership” as a strategy.

Does Alberta need a New Political Party?

Alberta has a new political party on Prov. scene. Greg Clark will discuss the history of the modern Alberta Party and talk about how societal changes driven by the rise of social media and legitimate concerns about the environmental impact of our energy industry, including climate change, are altering the expectations of Alberta voters.

In Majority Governments, What Can the Opposition do to Affect Legislation?

The Wildrose Party became the official opposition in the 87 seat Alberta Legislature on April 23, 2012. Despite capturing 34 % of the vote, only 17 Wildrose MLA’s managed to get elected including party leader Danielle Smith.

Alberta Federation of Labour: 100 Years of Promoting Unity... Will it Last?

Seeking better working conditions, representatives of all Alberta’s trade unions met, along with members of the recently (1909) formed United Farmers of Alberta (UFA), at a founding convention of the Alberta Federation of Labour (AFL) in Lethbridge on July 14-15, 1912.

Why Do So Many People Vote Against Their Own Best Interest?

Alberta is facing many problems as the next boom approaches. Besides environmental and infrastructure challenges, it can be argued that this boom will once again benefit the wealthy and the larger corporations while most other people in Alberta will gain little in terms of quality lifestyle.

Is Alberta About to Witness a Generational Shift In Provincial Politics?

In the course of a week, Alberta’s political landscape changed dramatically. First, Premier Ed Stelmach announced he would not run in the next provincial election.

Critical Alberta Issues in the Post-Klein Era

With an overheated booming provincial economy, key challenges face the new Conservative Stelmach Team, including: The need for alternative energy programs,

Critical Alberta Issues in the Post-Klein Era

With an overheated booming provincial economy, key challenges face the new Conservative Stelmach Team, including: The need for alternative energy programs,