Kindness to Others – A Perspective on the Addiction Crisis in Lethbridge

There are many opinions on what is best practice when it comes to dealing with the serious addiction crises that is prevalent in today’s society and certainly Lethbridge is no exception.

Is Harm Reduction and Empathy the Main Pillars when Battling Drug Dependency?

While painkilling medicine has been around for a very long time, Fentanyl is a powerful addictive opioid painkiller, the use of which has caused an increasing public health threat in Canada and elsewhere.

"The Mustard Seed": A familiar name, but what are they all about and why are they coming to Lethbridge?

The Mustard Seed, a well-known non-profit across Western Canada, is bringing 35-plus years of experience in poverty alleviation to Lethbridge. In the cities where they serve, The Mustard Seed provides basic services, housing, and employment supports to those in need and partners with the community to address the root causes of poverty.

Helping Vulnerable People Recover – What does success look like?

Many people think that successful work with poverty-stricken street people and people living with drug & alcohol addiction/mental health issues will result in a “normal” life for them.

The Cycle of Addiction and Challenges of the Opioid Crisis: A Perspective from an Emergency Doctor

As our city continues to grapple with a growing crisis of drug abuse and seeks solutions to address addiction and its associated negative effects on the community, it may be helpful to take a step back and review some of the root causes of addiction and why this insidious disease is so challenging to treat.