Is the Idle No More Movement Still Active? – Should We Care?

One year ago, four women in Saskatchewan began exchanging emails about the Harper Governments omnibus budget Bill C-45, better known as the Jobs and Growth Act, which had just been introduced in Ottawa.

Is it time to Reconsider the Indian Act?

Part 1 of the Audio of this speech is available courtesy of an audience member here: http://snd.sc/XHjXez NOTICE OF SPECIAL SESSION

Should a Moratorium and a Full Scale Environmental Assessment Precede Any Further Development Using Hydraulic Fracturing?

Special Session Nov 24th 7-9pm at PE 264 at the University of Lethbridge Much of the general public know little or nothing about Hydraulic Fracturing (fracking), an increasingly popular, but controversial technique of drilling for oil and natural gas.

Unconventional oil and gas - an opportunity for Canada?

A SACPA presentation in February introduced the issue of “hydraulic fracking” in the Lethbridge area. In particular, two oil companies have leased land on the Blood reserve and are exploring the use of hydraulic fracking to recover oil and gas from formations which underly Southern Alberta.

Hydraulic Fracking: What is it and is it blessing or disaster?

In recent months two commercial drilling firms have received permission to begin drilling for gas and oil on leases within the Blood Reserve in Southern Alberta.

Negotiating First Nations rights in Canada - What does dancing have to do with it?

In the late 1800s, the Canadian government banned dancing among aboriginal peoples. Any aboriginal person participating in dance events could end up in jail, performing hard labour instead of the deeply spiritual and community building work of ceremonies like the Sun Dance.