The picture above is of Sylvia and Gordon Campbell.

2018 was SACPA’s 50th anniversary year and we hope to maintain or even increase the value of our forums by keeping the public well-informed on the many issues’ society face on a regular basis, now, and in the future.

Since it was founded in 1967, SACPA has enjoyed the generous financial support of membership fees and a small percentage of collected lunch proceeds. Additionally, SACPA is grateful for the administrative support University of Lethbridge has provided all along. As technology evolved, SACPA found the need to hire their own Administrative Manager and we now, since 2008, very much appreciate U of L’s limited financial support for SACPA every year.

On SACPA’s 50th anniversary, a group of Board members, including Bev Muendel-Atherstone, Heather Oxman and Knud Petersen, helped editor Jaisie Walker highlight SACPA’s early years and a variety of sessions since then, culminating in the below historical magazine.