Through Kainai Peacemaking we continue to strive for quality of life and provide an orderly and acceptable way of conducting our lives within the Kainai community by providing opportunities for individuals to resolve conflicts with the law.

Speakers: Debbie Melting Tallow, Sherry Tailfeathers and Leon Day Chief

Debbie Melting Tallow is administrative support/Intake worker for the Kainai Peacemaking Program. She was employed as the administrative assistant when the program started 15 years ago and as time went on and referrals increased, she attended Cardston court for such referrals, assisted as a facilitator for peacemaker/elder counseling, wrote completion reports, and updated the Crown, Defence lawyers and Native Counseling regarding the referrals.

Sherry Tailfeathers has been employed by the Kainai Peacemaking Program since 2009 and serves as Community Liaison/Facilitator.

Leon Day Chief, MHD, IBSW, is the program supervisor. He facilitates peacemaking and elder counseling and manages the inner workings of the Kainai Peacemaking Program, so that it runs as efficiently as possible.

Date/Time: Thursday, February 29, 2024. The presentation begins at 12 noon and concludes at 1pm

Cost: Free, donations, however, are gratefully accepted.

Location: Lethbridge Senior Citizens Organization (LSCO), Dining Room, 500-11 Street S, Lethbridge

Lunch & Refreshments: The atrium Dining Room will be available by 11:15 am. Please arrive early to patronize the LSCO cafeteria and enjoy their excellent variety of good value food options.

Session Video

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