Mandy will provide an overview of the Lethbridge Sustainable Living Association and all of their hands-on grassroot initiatives as they relate to local food security, sustainability, community building, and reducing waste. The speaker will offer suggestions for simple ways of engaging our local food supporting initiatives, businesses, and organizations. She will discuss the importance of relationships and how this fundamental caring for one another increases our community ability to feed ourselves better while increasing our resiliency to the changing climate and political world instability. During a time where we are seeing food prices and inflation skyrocketing, we want to know that we have agency in where and how our food comes to us. Mandy will point to many local examples of projects, and groups who are making traction towards a more community secure food system.

Speaker: Mandy Sandbach - Lethbridge Sustainable Living Association and SOULfully SOIL

Mandy Sandbach is an ally, student and Lover of SOIL. Her goal in life is to become the richest, Teeming with LIFE, decomposing, fertility that could be found in a COMPOST pile. Her passion and gifts lay in tending to the relationships and community that will create what is required for the new Human Story. As a Permaculturist, knowledge sharer, mother, partner, small business owner, non-profit advocate, Mandy has shared many skills and experience within her community here in Southern Alberta and abroad. Skill and knowledge sharing is where you will likely find Mandy if she is not with the bees, birds, trees, worms and fungi.

Date/time: Thursday, October 20, 2022. Presentation begins at 12 & concludes at 1 p.m.

Cost: Free, but donations are gratefully accepted

Location**:** Lethbridge Senior Citizens Organization (LSCO) Dining Room, 500-11 Street S, Lethbridge, AB

Lunch & Refreshments: The Atrium Dining Room will be available by 11:15 am. Please arrive early before the start of the Presentation to patronize the LSCO cafeteria and enjoy their excellent variety of good value food options.

Session Video

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